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The History of Country Music and the Grammys

Rock music usually dominates the annual Grammy Awards ceremony these days, but do you know that there wasn't a Grammy given for a rock music recording until the fourth year of presentations?

American Idol...for Bands!

The American Idol-inspired The Next Great American Band, which seeks to find exactly what its title promises and reward that TV-viewer-approved outfit with a record contract, will premiere in October on Fox.

Weird All is "White and Nerdy"

He’s already won three Grammys, but when geek poster boy “Weird Al” Yankovic’s 2006 disc Straight Outta Lynwood was nominated (for Best Comedy Album and Best Surround Sound Album), it still felt like a victory for white and nerdy dudes everywhere.

Grammy's a Must Watch?

A recent poll suggests that 80 percent of television viewers will not be tuning in to the 2007 Grammy Awards on Sunday. And this makes us…sad. Love them. Hate them. But you musn’t ignore the Grammys especially if you want to talk music with friends.

Rock Camp Rulez!

How freak'in cool is this. A few weeks ago, I did something I've never done before: I joined a rock band. I played bass. My band was called Roxboro High. There were five of us: two bassists, a guitarist, a drummer, and a singer. We wrote an angry punk rock song called "Do the Math" and we played it live on stage at Studio B in Brooklyn

Pearl Jam and AT&T don't See Eye-To-Eye

Pearl Jam is not very pleased with AT&T right now and are accusing them of politically motivated censorship. "This, of course, troubles us as artists but also as citizens concerned with the issue of censorship and the increasingly consolidated control of the media," the band wrote."

Forbes Announces Richest Rappers

Jay-Z wins all around, says Forbes.com. He's got Beyonce on his arm — and more millions than 50 Cent and Diddy. The rap icon, aka Shawn Carter, is No. 1 on the site's list of "Hip-Hop Cash Kings," based solely on 2006 income. He banked an estimated $34 million, Forbes.com said Thursday.

Fatt's Gets Hold of Lost Discs

Legendary blues singer Fats Domino has been presented with gold discs that were lost or destroyed in Hurricane Katrina at a ceremony in New Orleans. The 79-year-old musician, who remained in his flooded home after the city was struck in 2005, was given reproductions of the discs. Domino's house, studio and office are currently under reconstruction.

Max Roach - A Life Lived

Max Roach got his first musical break at age 16, filling in when Duke Ellington's drummer fell ill in 1940. Those three nights spawned a career that would make the self-taught Roach the first jazz musician ever honored with a MacArthur Fellowship, or "genius grant."

Uganda: New Label for Promotion of Young Hip Hop Talent

Caesar Sta is based in Spain, he left Uganda two years ago, in search of better musical prospects and is now preparing to launch a new record label. Construction works are nearing completion for the Young Money, Fresh Money Records House in Seguku on Entebbe Road.